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Shedding For The Wedding

products, coaching and accountability to help you reach your goals


We've got more energy and are more focused & awake during the day. We're productive. We sleep deeper, longer, sounder & better. We've cut our grocery bill. I've lost 40 lbs and 8 inches in my waist and am now below 150 lbs. I just donated two-thirds of my wardrobe and purchased some size 7-9 jeans instead of the size 19's I was wearing eight months ago. My husband Drew, has lost 15 lbs, and is now also right around 150. He just bought some new jeans in size 32 because his 34's and 36's were falling off of his waist. His mom has lost 22 lbs. His dad is down 25 lbs.

I wore a size 16 wedding dress to my wedding. Seven years later, I was up to a size 19. Following my Shedding for the Wedding nutritional cleansing plan, I wore a size 12 dress to my brother-in-law's wedding and now I'm into a size 7-9. I have found a new level of energy, better sleep, and weight-loss that I was unable to achieve with other programs.


We are so excited about our new found energy and health, that it's hard to get us to stop talking about the profound change that has occurred in our lives. This is my story, and I'd like to help you write your own story using these incredibly healthy products. If you would like to determine the best way for you to get started towards your goals, please call me at 484-758-0008 or on skype: TraceyL.Cope for a 20 minute, complementary coaching session.

Why are we doing this? Well, when I started, it was because I wanted to improve my health. When I began to see that it was possible to leverage this system to retire my husband and help our friends who were in financial jams, we got really excited. I've already helped so many people on our team add an extra $500 to $1000 per month in income to their family budget through this program. I'd love to help you be next! Personally, my husband and I hope to help enough people learn to live healthy through this system of products, that we will be financially independent in the next 18 months, so that we can become full time, work from home, foster parents. We want to foster teenagers who had a hard time growing up, and give them a place of stability and permanency. After experiencing the health benefits ourselves, we believe that this company, and their system of products can help us do that, and can help you achieve your dreams as well. I'll help you define your WHY and we will can achieve great things together, as a team. TOGETHER WE WILL!

Please dial 484-758-0008 to get started today.


           Tracey Cope is excited to be your coach

(484) 758-0008 or skype: TraceyL.Cope
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