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Shedding For The Wedding

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My name is Tracey Cope. These are my pictures, and this is my story... My entire family is overweight. My father has trouble controlling his blood sugar & smoked my entire life. Several women in my family have been hospitalized for blockages in their circulatory system. Certain seasons of the year and exercise make breathing difficult for me. I had two hospital visits during my college years related to these issues. I was far too close to the 200 pound mark, but none of that mattered to me, until the blue, Ultimate Frisbee team-photo, shown in my video, was taken in August of 2007. I was quiet and shy growing up & never liked getting my photo taken, but this one horrified me. It was time for change. This was my wake up call.

Exercise was hard because of my weight, sore knees, and breathing difficulties (which I attribute to my father smoking in our house). Diet plan, after diet plan failed. My health issues forced me to take a number of things into my body that made it difficult for me to lose weight. My doctor actually suggested that I cut my 1200 calorie diet down to just 700 per-day!

Discouraged, in August 2010, I saw a friend at church who I hadn't bumped into in a little over a year. Bill had lost 88 lbs in 10 months & has now broken below 200 lbs. His son Alec lost over 80 lbs in about the same time frame. I asked him what he was doing and he told me about a high-nutrition plan that supported my body's own natural process of cleansing itself, and it didn't require any extreme work outs, starvation, gross food, or hours in the bathroom. This is the program that I started at Easter in 2011 and have used to give myself, my husband, and our daughter, great nutrition over the past year. Most diets I've been on have had horrible side-effects, but this nutritional plan has side-benefits.


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